About Us

Remote Online laboratories (iLabs) are experimental facilities that can be accessed through the Internet, allowing students and educators to carry out experiments from anywhere at any time.

Remote labs enrich science and engineering education by vastly increasing the scope of experiments that students have access to in the course of their academic careers. iLabStudio offers the following:

  • Gives science teachers and learners in traditional and online high schools, museums, and informal science education programs the ability to experience the excitement and authenticity of using high-end equipment to investigate the world in the same way that scientists do

  • Provides new research and learning opportunities for students, allowing them to share and discuss procedures and results

  • Prepares teachers to integrate iLABs in a range of science courses (including AP courses), encouraging them to go beyond the current paradigm of cookbook science labs with outdated or inappropriate equipment

  • Allows access by students and other audiences around the world who might not other wise have the resources to purchase and operate costly or delicate lab equipment.

Our Team

Dr. Kemi Jona

Principal Investigator

Ashley Walter

Curriculum Developer

Sachin Pradhan

Software Developer